‘We come to therapy when we want to change’

Internal Family Systems therapy – or IFS therapy – is one of the fastest growing approaches to psychotherapy. It is based on C.G. Jung’s insight that we are not a unified mind, but a multiplicity of sub-personalities. In the last three decades, IFS has developed, through the work of its founder Richard Schwartz, into a way of understanding and treating human problems that is empowering, effective, and unattached to diagnostic medical labels.

In my work as an IFS practitioner, I help clients to connect with their sub-personalities, which we call ‘parts’.

By enabling clients to listen to their different parts – often expressed in feelings, thoughts, bodily sensations or symptoms – I can support and encourage them to free or ‘unburden’ themselves of often extreme beliefs, emotions, sensations and urges that may limit their life in some way.

As the parts unburden, the system relaxes and clients have greater access to their core ‘Self’. As a result their system becomes more at peace and settled.

I am based near Bath in the South West of England, but also work online with clients who live further afield. I offer a free introductory session.