A safe space for exploring the Parts of your personality

Each session is an opportunity to build more of a connection from your core Self to the different Parts of your inner Family.

Parts of your inner Family may live in conflict or polarity with each other. Much as with our external relationships, they need to tell their story in order to feel heard, to release their charge and eventually let go of their sometimes extreme roles.

You maybe familiar with the voices within you – for example, the one who always wanted ‘that’ job, and the one who feels totally overwhelmed by the prospect of taking it on; or the Part of you that is saying ‘yes’, when another Part says ‘no’.

In the course of your work with me, we will map your system gently and carefully and you will come to know yourself in a new way. By making connections and bringing forth compassion we will free the Parts from their extreme roles, restore trust in the Self and co-ordinate and harmonise your system and the Parts, so they can work together as a team with the Self in charge. When Self comes to the fore, we live with greater compassion, creativity, calm and clarity. From this perspective, everything is possible.

At the core of the IFS model is the acknowledgement that each individual has this capacity for wisdom and healing, no matter what. This is a message that contains ultimate hope for our struggles and disharmony.

Each session lasts for 60-75 minutes. I work online with FaceTime, WhatsApp and Zoom.

I offer a free 40 minute introductory session, in which we can get to know each other and you can experience the way I would work with you.