Christiane Churchill-Ley RHom

I have been on the path of holistic healing and wellbeing for more than twenty years. I first trained in classical homeopathy in the UK and also in Bologna, Italy, with Dr Massimo Mangialavori. I also have a background in other spiritual and naturopathic techniques, among them fasting and natural detox protocols.

The psychotherapeutic background to my training was strongly influenced by the teachings of C.G. Jung, among others. I have always been fascinated by the exploration of the human mind and have been in therapy myself for many years.

I discovered IFS a few years ago when I heard an interview with Richard C. Schwartz PhD. The model immediately made complete sense to me and I subsequently trained with the IFS Institute in the UK. I am now a Level Three qualified practitioner, and am fully insured.

I am continuing to deepen my work in IFS through further training, ongoing supervision and my own therapy.